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Garibaldini all’attacco! June, 15 2017 – Tournament match

Last week Maurizio and Franco B. played a match as part of the internal tournament that involved some mates of my club. The game followed the rules written by Paolo M. for Italian Independence wars.

The game was hard fought and score system is easy: 1 point for each unit of the enemy destroyed, 2 points for the player who controls at the end of the game the green field in the center.

Miniatures are not painted by me: Cacciatori delle Alpi (the units on the right in the photos below) prepared by Franco B.; Papal troops prepared by Alberto M. and Franco B.

The Papal Army fought during the first Italian Independence wars under the command of the general Giovanni Durando. At the beginning of the war the Pope send a division under the command of this strange man (he was a mercenary) to help Piedmontese forces but, after some weeks, he changed idea asking to Durando to come back. The general refused to obey but his partecipation to the struggle was marginal. The division retreated to Treviso in a disorder way after a single struggle against the Austrians

 On contrary the Cacciatori delle Alpi was the name of a volunteer brigade that fought during the second Indepence war under the command of Giuseppe Garibaldi. This unit fought in the north of Italy and wins many fights.

 Maurizio tooks the control of Pope’s army while Franco had the Cacciatori

After the initial deployment the Cacciatori take the control of the hill while Maurizio deploy a unit in assault column on the right

The remaining forces of each army arrive on the field

Franco decides to guarantee the obj using a unit of bersaglieri as screen

 The battle starts … the Bersaglieri are repelled but another unit of Cacciatori attacks Pope’s forces in assault column formation

In the meanwhile the Cacciatori reinforce their presence on the obj

Maurizio launches his forces against Franco and push back part of his units out of the obj

The fight becomes hard … the Cacciatori suffers some losses

Franco regains the obj and Maurizio sends one of his unit in the deep of Franco’s formation to destroy one of his unit but …

… in this way the Bersaglieri can attack on the flank Maurizio’s soldiers and destroy them

Some details of the fight on the Pope’s force left wing

Attacks of the final turn and ...

... the position of the units at the end of 9th turn 

The final score is a draw: 2 points to have reached the obj + 2 enemy units destroyed for Franco - 4 enemy units destroyed for Maurizio

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