domenica 18 giugno 2017

Modern Armies: USCM May 2017

The last modern army that I painted are the US Marines. I started these miniatures after Milano Wargame (at the end of February) but I finished them only last month. 
I decided to paint the USCM with the multi-scale camo pattern (MARPAT). There are different type of camo pattern ... marine, desert and so on ... but I decided for the woodland.

All photos of real USCM in action that you will see below are obtained from the official USCM web site while figures are all Caesar miniatures

This is an example of a group of American soldiers wearing woodland marpat

and below some of my figures in action

Obviously I painted also the supporting teams ... below two groups equipped with M2 Browning machine guns that cover the advance of some USCM

Below the original during a test fire at Camp Schwab. The M2 (called also Ma Deuce) is the oldest machine gun currently in the Marines' arsenal

Two 81M mortar with their crews ...

... and the original 

A FGM-148 Javelin launch rocket system in action on a club table and ...

... in the reality

I painted also a sniper team 

For experience woodland Marpat can assume different hues.

I decided for a darkest tone with green tactics and bags

And finally other imagines of my marines during an action in a Middle East village and ...

... in a joint operation with French troops

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