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Rivarolo June, 4 2017 - Peninsular War and The Crusaders - Part 2 La Piccola

This is the second part of a post in which I want describe the work performed by my club (La Piccola Armata) and by another local wargame club (Warzone) for a special event in which we were involved. The background was the fantastic castle of Malgrà at Rivarolo Canavese and the miniatures exhibition was organized by Federico (the Warzone President).

In this post I'll report the two scenarios prepared by La Piccola Armata.

In the first table Riccardo, Aurelian, Maurizio and Flavio played a battle set during the Peninsular wars between the Spanish and the French. 
Below an overview of the table

The battle saw the French attempt to outflank the Spanish with their cavalry

Below some details of the fantastic Spanish troops painted by Flavio

and some particulars of French units painted by me (the artillery on the landscape is painted by Flavio)

The battle was hard fought and, at the end, the Spanish decided to celebrate the victory in this way

On the second table Biagio e Ezio recreated a part of Acri siege using Lion Rampart

The obj of the Saracens was to burn the siege machines. 

Below some pictures of the Saracens painted by Biagio and ...

... the Franks painted by Ezio

After a lot of turns the Saracens win burning part of siege machines

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