venerdì 9 giugno 2017

La Piccola Armata - May activities

Also this month our club is involved in different activities. 

On May it started the second "Garibaldi all'attacco" tournement. It is an internal tournement in which my mates fight eachother using  the Montinaro's rules book to reproduce battles of the Italian war independence. Unfortunately I've not pictures but I think that the photo of an Austrian cavalry below can summarize well the level of detail.

Others continue their training with DBMM. Miniatures are 15mm and all shields are hand made by Marco D.

Figures painted by Marco D.
Figures painted by Marco D.

Figures painted by Marco D.
On May, 27 Paolo and some other club members participated to Palestro battle reenactment. I couldn't participate but it was a possibility to share our hobby and our passion for the History with other

Flavio continues with his great work to paint houses for different scenarios ...

... that Riccardo, Enzio and others prepare

Finally some pictures of various ww2 scenes. 
Luca's stuka over UK skies

Photo and miniature by Luca P.
Ivano that decides to burn Flavio's church to revenge the dead of his sniper ... a suicide sniper considering that he was firing against a Panzer IV

Flavio's partisans in action (all miniatures below are 20 mm)

Figures by Flavio

Figures by Flavio

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