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Rivarolo June, 4 2017 - Bolt Action and Warhammer 40k - Part 1 Warzone

In June, thanks to the great initiative of another local wargame association (Warzone - Rivarolo) and his president Federico, La Piccola Armata partecipated to a miniatures exhibition in one of the Castles of the zone.

The location is the Castle of Malgrà at Rivarolo Canavese. Below some pictures to permit to all to understand the fantastic landscape in which the exhibition was helt.

The event involved many persons both from La Piccola Armata and Warzone with five different scenarios and rule systems. So I decided to split this event in three different post:
- Warzone - WW2 (Bolt Action); The Tyrannids attack and The battle of the Titans (Warhammer 40k)
- La Piccola Armata - Peninsular wars (LaSalle) and  The Crusaders (Lion Rapart)
- La Piccola Armata - How it made

An overview of the first two tables prepared by Warzone members.

These miniatures are the work of different persons and, considering the great results,  I want to report the names of all the authors:
- Tyrannids by Leonardo M.
- Krieg, Magnus, Rubric Marines by Pietro F.
- Chaos by Francesco Mo.
- Dark Angels, Imperial Knights and Blood Raven by Francesco Mu.

In the first table, two Imperial Knight Titans try to kill a Chaos Demon on a ice planet

In the second table a Krieg platoon, supported by some Deathwing Knights and a Baneblade, tries to resist to an attack of Tyrannids.

Some details of the struggle...  The Death Corps of Krieg Cavalry that is launching into the battle

... Krieg artillery that is firing against the enemy and ...

... the supreme commander that is observing the battle

The third tables is a tribute to WW2. 
Also this scenario sees different authors:
- Germans painted by Marco
- English painted by Enrico 
- Americans painted by Alessandro

An overview of the battle field.

... some details. A 88mm that is waiting for his target and ...

... two German tanks are approaching to enemy lines

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