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DAK vehicles Sd.Kfz 141 (Panzer III) – Sd.Kfz 124 (Wespe) – Sd.Kfz 11

The Panzer III was developed in the 1930s by Germany and  it was one of the tank more used during the World War II.

At Milano Wargame I found this model with a camouflage adapt for USSR theatre 

… but I preferred to re-painted it for Rommel’s Afrika Korps

The Panzer IIIs of Rommel's troops were capable of fighting against British Crusader cruiser and US-supplied M3 Stuart light tanks with positive outcomes, although they did less effectively against Matilda II infantry tanks and American M3 Lee/Grant tanks fielded by the British starting from early 1942. 
In particular, the 75mm hull-mounted gun of the Lee/Grant tank could easily destroy a Panzer III far beyond the latter's own effective firing range, as is true for the US M4 Sherman, which also saw service with British forces alongside Lees/Grants in North Africa beginning in the middle of 1942

I found a colorized picture of Panzer III Ausf H used by 15. Panzer division in September 1942

I decided to use a color more bright because I think that the desert sun and wind can lighting the colors of the vehicles

Another Altaya model I bought and repainted is a Wespe

The Wespe was a German self-propelled gun and it was based on a modified Panzer II chassis. It was a reliable tank but it had an inadequate overhead gun crew protection
Also for this model I used some Caesar miniature to “create” the panzer crew

The last model I painted for my DAK 1/72 army is a German half-tracked vehicle.  The Sd.Kfz 11 was largely used in North Africa and Italy as artillery tow so I combined it with a Pak

Also for this model I decided to repaint it even if the original camouflage was correct

I combined this half-tracked vehicle also with an Italieri 88mm creating a good effect

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