lunedì 27 marzo 2017

Bolt Action Birmania – March, 27 2017

Last Saturday, Giancarlo, Enzo and Riccardo organized another bolt action battle with their 28mm miniatures.

Ezio prepared the table.

The scenario they played sees a group of British commandos that enters into a Japanese village to kill some officers.
Below some battle details

A Burmese guide indicates the way to the British commandos

Below one of the Commandos’ obj

The Commandos are coming

The attack starts …

... but the Japanese troopers are ready

A mortar team and his observer start to hit the enemy. The observer is covered by a Type 99 (Kuku-shiki keikikanjū)

The British commandos continues to push …

… but a sniper and …

… a Japanese marines company of reinforcement create holes into Commandos lines

Two other moments of the battle

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