lunedì 27 marzo 2017

Modern armies Feb/March 2017 – Modern French and Chinese

A couple of months ago I started to paint 20mm miniatures of modern armies. 

As I explained in another post this project is a kind of joke. I don’t like to paint 20mm miniatures but I was interested to see if I was able to reproduce different mimetic uniforms and so I did some experiments.

Below some pictures of my Modern French soldiers. 
A company that is moving in an urban scenario ...

… some soldiers that cross a river under the cover of a sniper. 

All soldiers have as personal weapons the French FAMAS rifle but the sniper has a FR-F2 … I think … details in 20mm miniatures are hard to find sometimes.
There aren’t many poses in the box so I decided to paint them in different way. I was inspired by the uniforms used by the Foreign Legion in Mali but I changed the colors of the tactic jackets and bags

Miniatures that I painted are produced by Caesar and the box includes some Chinese soldiers too. In the following photos I thought that French and Chinese troops could participate to a joint operation …

… to understand better what means the 20mm scale I took two photos of the same position

To be honest the miniature in the center with the rocket launcher is a French trooper but I decided to convert him as part of Chinese army … This is the correct version ...

For these miniatures I decided for a grey-blue mimetic instead of the standard woodland. Below a Chinese company near a crop field …

All soldiers hold a QBZ-95 rifle and below one of them is launching a grenade in a winter scenario.

The level of details of these photos is intentionally very high even if, under my point of view, a 20mm miniature does not justify it. Unfortunately I found very few photos for 20mm modern figures and to paint them basing on youtube video is hard. So I hope that these photos can help someone who want start my same project. 

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