martedì 21 marzo 2017

La Piccola Armata – March 2017 activites

To be part of a Wargame Club it means to meet new persons and to do scenario/battles that alone it is not possible to recreate.

After to find the new location, "La Piccola Armata" started to be the center of many activities again. With different group of persons that cultivate their passions for the world of the miniatures.

At the moment, we play two/three times for week and, having more tables, we can play more scenarios/games in the same time.

Below, I posted some photos of the last month. I have to point out that no miniatures are painted by me … all miniatures, scenarios, ideas and so on are prepared by other club members.

A typical Thursday night

Italian Independence wars on two tables and Bolt Action scenario on other two

Some club members prepare HaT houses for 20mm …

… and other-one paint WWII Russians in 28mm

Somebody else plays a new scenario for Bolt Action …

... other-ones recreate a Zulu village

Considering that La Piccola restarted his activities at the end of Jan 2017 I think that it is a great START.

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